In addition to beer, Fibonacci Brewing Company also offers wine! We currently have two wines on tap and one bottled wine.

Currently On Tap
Psi Vitis

Psi Vitis (Cabernet Sauvignon) ABV-12.5%
Description: Full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavors and a slight black pepper finish
Food Pairing: Rich beef dishes, heavy red-based pasta, and barbecue

Epsilon Vitis

Epsilon Vitis (Vidal Blanc) ABV-11.5%
Description: Medium body, slightly sweet, and a crisp finish
Food Pairing: Sweet, savory, or mildly spiced pork, chicken, or duck dishes

Currently Bottled
Phi Vitis

Phi Vitis (Pinot Grigio) ABV-12.5%
Description: Soft palate, crisp acidity, and tropical fruit flavors
Food Pairing: Light fish, seafood, or poultry dishes

Previously on Tap
Rho Vitis

Rho Vitis (Chambourcin) ABV-11.5%
Description: Medium body with a soft fruity finish, slightly sweet, and rich color
Food Pairing: Rich beef dishes, heavy red-based pasta, pizza, and barbecue