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    • Available Beers

      Beers that are currently available!

    • Oberhausen (Kölsch Style Ale)

      Oberhausen (Kölsch Style Ale)

      ABV: 5.6%

      Description: Very pale color with medium bitterness. Somewhat vinous (grape-like) with a dry finish.

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    • Dummy (Belgian Tripel)

      Dummy (Belgian Tripel)

      ABV: 8.9%

      Description: Bright gold color with little bitterness. A big, dense, creamy head with a full mouthfeel. Slightly fruity with a sweet finish.

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    • Tollhouse (American Stout)

      Tollhouse (American Stout)

      ABV: 7.9%

      Description: Jet black color with moderate bitterness. Strong roasted coffee flavor and aroma with hints of chocolate.

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    • Pepo (Pumpkin Porter)

      Pepo (Pumpkin Porter)


      Description: Dark brown porter brewed with pumpkins and spices.

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    • Dummy Melo (Belgian Tripel w/Cantaloupe)


      Description: Bright gold color with little bitterness. A big, dense, creamy head with a full mouthfeel. Extremely cantaloupe from infusing 20lbs of fresh cantaloupe directly into the keg after fermentation.

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    • The Noid (Irish Red w/ Honey)

      The Noid (Irish Red w/ Honey)

      ABV: 5.6%

      Description: Deep red color, taste dominated by the sweet melanoidin malt and honey. The melanoidin malt has flavorful notes of honey and biscuit.

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    • Available Wines

      Wines that are currently available!

    • Psi Vitis (Cabernet Sauvignon)

      Psi Vitis (Cabernet Sauvignon)

      ABV: 12.5%

      Description: Full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavors and a slight black pepper finish

      Food Pairing: Rich beef dishes, heavy red-based pasta, and barbecue

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    • Epsilon Vitis (Vidal Blanc)

      Epsilon Vitis (Vidal Blanc)

      ABV: 11.5%

      Description: Medium body, semi-sweet with a crisp finish

      Food Pairing: Sweet, savory, or mildly spiced pork, chicken, or duck dishes

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    • Available Bottles

      Bottles that are currently available to-go!

    • Secale (Red Rye)

      Secale (Red Rye)

      ABV: 5.6%

      Description: Light reddish-orange. The citrus flavors and aroma from the Citra hops help balance the spicy rye characteristics accentuated by the Magnum and Chinook hops.

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    • Coming Soon

      Beers that are currently in production or waiting to be tapped!

    • Pride of the Valley (Wheat Ale w/ PawPaws)

      Pride of the Valley (Wheat Ale w/ PawPaws)

      ABV: 5.1%

      Description: Wheat ale infused w/ pawpaws. Wild wheat ale with a hint of banana and mango on the back end from the infusion of unpasteurized pawpaws. Very pale color with low bitterness and a dry creamy finish.

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    • Earth Daisy (Double IPA)

      Earth Daisy (Double IPA)

      ABV: 8.9%

      Description: Reddish amber color with high bitterness. Rich malt flavor with hints of caramel and a slight peppery finish. The earthy, piney aroma balances the sweet malt backbone.

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    • Tollhouse Rubia (American Stout w/ Coffee)

      Tollhouse Rubia (American Stout w/ Coffee)

      ABV: 7.9%
      Description: The same base recipe as The Tollhouse infused with a cold press coffee. We utilize a cold press coffee to maximize the sweet coffee aroma and flavor while minimizing the harsh bitter tannins typically associated with hot brewed coffee.

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